The laser system for removal of vascular changes on the face and lower limbs, pigment and skin changes.
Comprehensive and versatile
VariLite is a comprehensive solution in the field of laser treatment of skin changes. It is utilized in treatment of numerous ailments, e.g. in vasogenic changes, changes in lower limbs, benign pigment changes, skin changes, non-severe acne inflammations as well as removal of hairs from small areas of the body.


Other advantages of the VariLite system include:
- diode technology ensuring long obsolescence of the laser,
- high power and short impulses allowing for selective photothermolysis and eliminating appearance of bruises and post-procedural petechiae,
- compact construction minimizing the costs connected with transport of the system.
Clinical application
VariLiteTM double-length wave laser emits a green beam of 532 nm wave length and an infrared beam of 940 nm, which allows for optimization of procedural parameters depending on clinical recommendations.
The 532 nm beam finds application in treatment of vasogenic changes, pigment changes, skin changes and acne. There is a possibility of the laser working together with ScanLiteTM tool while performing face procedures in the MicroSpotTM technology.
The 940 nm beam finds application in treatment of deeper and larger blood vessels (0.3 – 1.5 mm diameter), including vascular changes in lower limbs and in removal of hairs from small areas of the body.
Vascular changes
telangiectasia, stellate angiomas, cherry haemangiomas, neovascularization, venous lakes, vascular changes in lower limbs, rosacea, port wine stains
Skin changes
common warts, keratosis, old age warts
Pigment changes
sun spots, dermatosis papulosis nigra, poikiloderma of Civatte, café-au-lait spots, melanodermis, freckles
Removal of hairs from small areas of the body, acne inflammation
Advantages of application of beams of various wave length
Vascular changes, benign pigment changes, skin changes and excessive hair can be treated by laser with use of visible light and wave length similar to that of infrared radiation. The laser light is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin and melanin.
As a result, in contrast to tools utilizing visible light, use of laser allows for selective heating of even small fragments of changes. In order to maximize the effects of the procedure, the beam lengths are selected depending on the skin layer on which it is supposed to work as well as the skin structure.
The highly receptive 532 nm beam finds application mostly in treatment of capillaries of a smaller diameter as well as those located closer to the surface.
A wide spectrum of application
Selection of the wave length, combined with direct control of the impulse duration, accessibility of various procedural spots and regulation of energy density – it all creates a universal system allowing for treatment of vasogenic changes of various size, benign pigment changes, skin changes, non-severe acne inflammations as well as removal of hairs from small areas of the body, making VariLiteTM the most versatile semiconductor laser system available on the market.
The ScanLiteTM scanner allows for quick and precise performance of medical procedures in case of extensive changes.  ScanLiteTM makes it easier to precisely focus on the procedure spots, and, as a result, it is possible to leave small unexposed areas. The areas disperse the heat and then become the places of healing, which ensures maximum safety as well as quick convalescence. ScanLiteTM is a wonderful tool allowing for quick procedures on the entire face area in order to improve the tissue layout as well as even out the skin tension. ScanLiteTM is excellent in treatment of poikilodermis, flat hemangioma, densely-appearing telangiectasia as well as other extensive changes.


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