Scars are irremovable changes formed as a result of damage of the dermis and replacement of it with fibrous connective tissue. It is characterized by lack of most appendicular structures.
Most scars do not require specialist treatment and heal without any intervention, as a result being removed naturally. However, there are irregular scars, hard, red and thickened, significantly excessing the area of the initial shape and size of the injury. They constitute not only esthetic but mostly health problems as they can lead to contractures, cause pain or itching.
In accordance with the reason for scar formation we can enumerate the following types:
1. post-traumatic,
2. post-operational,
3. post-burning,
4.  post-inflammatory – formed as a result of combination of inflammatory or suppurative changes during e.g. acne, smallpox.
In accordance with their appearance:
1. linear,
2. stretched,
3. atrophic – they consist in appearance of holes (atrophy) on the skin. They are usually formed as a result of inflammations in acne, smallpox and other diseases. They can be single scars or numerous ones of various depth and shapes – spotted, with sharp edges, larger holes with smooth edges,  atrophic linear scars.
Atrophic scars are the most frequent scars in case of acne.
4. hypertrophic scars consist in appearance of hard, protruding swellings of various sizes and shapes. They are formed within post-traumatic, post-operational, post-burning and post-inflammatory scars.
5. keloids usually appear on the place of skin damage: after a surgical procedure, an injection, receding inflammations (acne, smallpox, inflammation of hair follicles), after burning. Keloids are protruding lumps that visibly exceed the place of the damage. During the initial period they grow gradually and can reach from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.
Hypertrophic scars do not exceed the place of former damage. In acne they are formed as a result of topical inflammation. The scars consist in growth of fibrous tissue over the skin level. Hypertrophic scars are harder and thicker as well as less elastic than the surrounding unchanged skin and are erythematous pathologic changes raised over the skin level. Symptoms of their formation include itching, burning and pain. Hypertrophic scars are frequently located in the areas of increased skin tension, that is around the back, sternum, collarbones, arms (the deltoid muscle area) but also on the face in case of acne.
At Medical Margaret Spa each patient receives an individually arranged program for scar treatment
Treatment of scars and keloids requires enormous individualization depending on:
- the scar type,
- the patient’s age,
- the scar shape, size and localization,
- the maturation phase,
- correction methods applied earlier,
- genetic predisposition.
removal of the scar and stitching up the wound again by a plastic surgeon
mesotherapy – through delicate injections we put into the scar substances strongly stimulating creation of collagen, such as organic silica. In atrophic scars it is a perfect way to enhance scar restructuring in the desired direction.
occlusive dressing with steroids
cryosurgery – a method consisting in destruction of tissues by topical activity of low temperatures
chemical peeling
treatment with use of KTP 532nm VariLite laser – it excellently hinders hypertrophy of a scar that is red and contains many vessels during maturation. With a well-known tendency for scar hypertrophy it is a method preventing from it in the earliest phase.
microdermabrasion (especially in post-acne scars)
treatment with use of Pearl Fraxel laser – it allows for restructuring of the entire scar and changing it into less mature, better vascularized. A restructured scar heals in a new way with an effect of surface evening and paling. Excellent effects can be obtained in skin after acne. Regardless of whether atrophic or hypertrophic characteristics dominate, we achieve evened surface, color and removal of discolorations.
triamcinolone injections – it is a steroid drug. Usually a few procedures are conducted with a few weeks between each procedure and the drug is applied in an appropriate concentration. Effects show gradually.



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