For everyone, especially for:
- people who look pale and faint in the mornings and evenings,
- busy people: it significantly shortens the time needed for morning make-up (TV presenters, actors, models),
- people practicing water sports,
- elder people with sight impairments,
- people planning a stay at a hospital,
- people deprived of eyebrows and eyelashes (e.g. after chemotherapy), suffering from imperfections such as uneven contours or lack of symmetry,
- people who need to hide scars, discolorations, tattoos.




We are among the few centers in the world that perform line on the mucous membrane with ophthalmologic anesthesia.



We are the only center in Łódź with the certificate:


We offer a new kind of lip, eye and eyebrow make-up that lasts for 3–5 years, so-called Conture® make-up by LONG TIME LINER®.
Conture® Make-Up by LONG TIME LINER® is the no. 1 method in the world used for natural accentuation of the lip, eye and eyebrow contours.

It corrects the lip shape (full color filling, lighting up), the shape of the eyebrow line, retouches pigmented spots, scars and tattoos.

Conture ® Make-Up naturally accentuates contours, hence the importance of selecting colors in a way ensuring the closest resemblance to the natural tone.



With use of this method natural, non-allergic, non-toxic pigments are located in the epidermis and, by means of storing in the intercellular space, are visibly sustained there for up to 3–5 years, gradually lighting up.

Long-Time-Liner technology is based on a controller and a handy pigmenting tool (a liner).
The handy liner works like a modern ink pen – instead of using ink drops on the skin, the linergist fills a specialist container of the tool with a chosen color and then performs the procedure with use of a special needle, to which the color is systematically delivered. Among numerous advantages of this method, the linergist can all the time control the area of the skin on which the procedure is conducted, which means that the color can be applied with unprecedented precision. Since the tool utilizes a very thin needle, unlimited preview is necessary to ensure the best results. The fact that the color is delivered directly from the tool also means that during the entire procedure the color remains perfectly pure. Such a situation is not possible in case of ink drops, where the needle alternatively goes under the skin and then is taken out of it, which quickly contaminates the ink container.
The linergist has a full control over the two especially important aspects of management of the tool. On the one hand he or she is able to adjust the needle speed by setting it at 50 to 70 movements per second. Research and many-years’ experience of Long-Time-Liner show that frequency beyond the range given above cause lack of precision, and, at the same time, worse final results. On the other hand, the specialist can control the space between the needle and the tool, which is a great innovation in the system. It directly influences the amount of the dye taken from the tool, that is color flow. The possibility of controlling the two aspects not only makes the tool more practical but also makes the linergist sure that the effect of the procedures will fulfill the requirements and the customer will be fully satisfied with the final result.

The pigmenting tool is wired to and managed by a controller. In this way the linergist can choose from four settings that were pre-programmed for typical modes of work. There is also a possibility of changing the settings manually in order to ensure the perfect level of control. Owing to the fact that Long-Time-Liner keeps on developing and publishing new programming codes, the controller software is always up-to-date.

Constant striving for innovation has been rewarded with numerous awards, including the 2009/2010 Readers’ Choice Award in the permanent make-up category.
Long-Time-Liner® is certified as providing services meeting the 13485:2003 ISO standard in the field of looks, production, distribution and logistics. Long-Time-Liner® tools and pigments are produced in accordance with the 94/42 EEC directive. Trainings planned by specialists are also certified with EDUQUA by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS).




The dyes were produced on the basis of non-organic and mineral substances that do not cause allergies and have antiseptic properties.
Conture® Liner-Duo dyes are produced in accordance with the EU 93//04 EWG laws as medical products. After numerous tests conducted by the European Inspection Institute the pigment colors have been accepted as safe.
Pigmenting dyes offered in the Conture® Make-Up method are produced in sterile conditions in Long Time Liner® laboratory in Munich.
All the dyes are certified and meet the EEC and FDA requirements pertaining to heavy metal and organic pollution content.
Long Time Liner® has a very rich color palette.
- pigmenting dyes for Designer beauty pigmentation
Materials used fully comply with cosmetological decrees. Many-years’ experience of Long Time Liner® Make-Up GmbH has not noted any negative phenomena or skin irritations.
- Conture® Liner-Duo pigmenting dyes
Conture® Liner-Duo pigments are utilized in medical pigmentation.
The dyes used are sterile, anti-bacterial, non-organic pigments (iron, titanium oxides) of mineral origin, which have received certificates as well as meet international norms pertaining to medical products.
Conture® 2000 pigment dyes, in the allergological and toxicological sense do not raise any reservations and are classified as A 0; they meet all medical pigmentation standards, which means they can be used for convalescence, camouflage and restorative pigmentation.
Long Time Liner® dyes do not contain glycerin.
Light colors are created with use of titanium dioxide, while dark ones – iron oxides. By mixing the ingredients in appropriate proportions one receives a full spectrum of colors – from black through brown to red and ochre. Light tones contain more titanium dioxide. Both the compounds are safe and do not cause allergic reactions.


permanentny pigmenty baner


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Beauty Forum Award 2013/14
Würtenberger, a well-known consulting company, conducted nation-wide representative market examination in Germany for the Beauty Forum Awards. The poll, in which cosmeticians took part, aimed at finding the leaders within innovation and performance quality on the market. Once again Long-Time-Liner® came in first, at the same time confirming its excellent quality and effectiveness.
Prix d’honneur de la beauté
This honorable mention was awarded to the company’s founder, Mr. Waltraud Kuffner, for his life achievements. The Beauty Forum presents this award to distinguishing personalities in the cosmetics industry. Waltraud Kuffner, visibly happy and proud of this honor, accepted the award in person from prof. dr. Mang. Jürgen Volpp, the Health and Beauty Managing Director, participated in this event as well and made a special speech.
Readers’ Choice Award 2011/2012
The first place during the Readers’ Choice Award 2011/2012. Every two years, on the basis of results of a questionnaire filled out by qualified specialists in the industry, Beauty Forum magazine announces winners in 11 categories. The fact that Long-Time-Liner® has been a winner in the Permanent Make-Up category for a very long time and received the Beauty Forum Award for the third time in a row speaks for itself.
Beauty Forum Award 2012 – first place

Würtenberger, a well-known consulting company conducted nation-wide representative examination of cosmetics companies in Germany for the Beauty Forum Awards 2012. The aim was to find the leader within innovation and service portfolio on the market. Long-Time-Liner® was recognized with the highest prize during the award gala in Baden-Baden.
Beauty Forum Award 2010
NOVEMBER 2010 – LONG-TIME-LINER® received the readers’ award from the German edition of Beauty Forum magazine in the “Readers’ Choice 2010/2011” plebiscite in “The Best Tool For Permanent Make-Up” category.
LONG-TIME-LINER® was chosen for the fourth time in a row by the prestigious Beauty Forum magazine as the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the Permanent Make-Up category. The contest is organized every two years; on the basis of specialists’ examination as well as readers’ votes winners in 11 categories are chosen.
Readers’ Choice Award 2009/2010
The first place during the ceremony of Readers’ Choice Award 2009/2010. Every two years, on the basis of results of a questionnaire filled out by qualified specialists in the industry, Beauty Forum magazine announces winners in 11 categories. The fact that Long-Time-Liner® has been a winner in the Permanent Make-Up category for a very long time and received the Beauty Forum Award for the third time in a row speaks for itself. The most important thing is that the firm built around the person of Waltraud Kuffner has provided unattainable quality and innovation on the market of beauty products and procedures for 20 years.
LONG-TIME-LINER® was chosen the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR by Beauty Forum magazine in the Permanent Make-Up category for the third time in a row. The contest is organized every two years; on the basis of specialists’ examination as well as readers’ votes winners in 11 categories are chosen.
Międzynarodowe Konkursy International contests
The first place in international contests – Corinna Kuffner, the “mistress of commerce” as well as a daughter of the company’s founder, Waltraud Kuffner, was recognized in the permanent make-up category during the national and international contest in 1997. Long Time Liner® Conture® Make-Up was chosen the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the Permanent Make-Up category for the fourth time in a row by Beauty Forum magazine. The contest is organized every two years; on the basis of specialists’ examination as well as readers’ votes winners in 11 categories are chosen.


LONG-TIME-LINER® tools and pigments meet international norms and requirements, including:
DIN EN ISO 13485:2007 “Medical products – Quality management systems – requirements towards systems due to legal requirements.”
specifying requirements within the quality management system that can be applied by organizations in designing and developmental works, production, installation and medical product services as well as design, development and services connected with them.
93/42 EWG pertaining to medical products.
ISO 9001 “Quality management systems”
which is aimed at understanding and meeting the customer’s requirements; that is specified needs within a given organization’s products, acceptance of procedural approaches, delivery of the results of procedural effectiveness and constant improvement based on objective measurements.
Long-Time-Liner® trainings are held in accordance with the highest standards certified by EDUQUA – the Swiss quality label for further education institutions.
eduQua training certification

In March 2001 training services for linergists organized by Long-Time-Liner® received certification in accordance with the system created by prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Rolf Dubs which allows for assessment of training services. Since this time Long-Time-Liner® services have been signed with eduQua quality label (information available on
Every year’s TÜV certification in accordance with ISO 13485:2003.
Long-Time-Liner® undergoes annual inspections by TÜV (German  Technical Inspections Organization). The process allows for maintenance of stable quality of development, production, services, logistics and distribution on the medical technology market in Munich.
TÜV certification as well as confirmation in accordance with the German bill on medical equipment.
In January 2000 Long-Time-Liner® made another step in the development after successful completion of the process of certification by the TÜV (German  Technical Inspections Organization) in accordance with the ISO 9001/EN 46001 requirements within development, production, services, logistics and distribution on the medical technology market in Munich. After successful completion of the process of certification dyes and micropigmentation equipment were accepted as compliant with the 93/42/EWG directive on medical equipment and the German bill on medical equipment (MPG).


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During the procedure irritation, reddening or skin swelling might occur, however, the symptoms disappear quickly. One can go to work on the following day. Two days after the procedure epidermis starts to discreetly peel off – it is a natural process. It is very important to constantly moisturize the skin with suitable preparations offered by the person applying the make-up. On the customer’s request there is a possibility of applying lip make-up under dental anesthesia.
Four to five days after the procedure the make-up color fades to half the initial color; therefore, one does not need to worry about the fact that right after the procedure the colors are quite intense, even in case of very delicate make-up.
For four days after the procedure the skin that has undergone coloring should not be cleansed with soap or other cosmetics. The skin should be cleansed with water or special milk and tonic. During the first two weeks after the procedure one should not use sauna or the tanning salon.
Contraindications for the procedure:
- infection,
- pregnancy,
- diabetes,
- psoriasis,
- taking steroid drugs.
In order to avoid the cold sore one must take anti-viral preparations recommended by the doctor two to three days before and after the procedure (also in case of correction).

I recommend Conture Make-Up Long-Time-Liner to all women that would like to always look perfect.

We have the newest equipment at our disposal (year of production: 2010).
The Conture® Liner-Duo tool utilizes the complete knowledge, the newest technological solutions and guarantees a wide array of applications. It is the highest quality of performance but also absolute hygienic purity confirmed by many doctors and medical professionals. In this method the needle does not touch the dermis; it works only on the surface and there is no need to worry that the dye inserted too deeply could leave a permanent, uneven tattoo. The dye is inserted evenly and after three to four years fades with equal intensity on the entire surface that has undergone the procedure.
In the procedures disposable sterile needles are used. They are made of surgical stainless steel. There are single needles; not double or triple ones, which ensures precise make-up and allows for shading. The dye container is placed in the tool’s handle. One does not need to dip the needle in the dye, as in Conture® Liner-Duo the dye flows down the needle by itself, painting like a felt-tip pen.
Long Time Liner is the best tool for permanent make-up on the Polish market. The tool has CE-, GS- and TUV certificates.
Conture® Liner-Duo is the only digital apparatus with pigment supply in the container (and does not require dipping the needle, like in case of most tools), which meets the highest quality and safety norms. With use of a single needle located in the apparatus handle it is possible to make very precise lines and shadings. Regular frequency of the vibration ensures control over the amount of inserted dye.
We perform post-injury, post-accident and post-chemotherapy reconstructions of:
- superciliary ridges,
- lips,
- eyes,
- post-operational scars and others.
The prices are determined individually. Each correction is payable in full.



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