100% longer, thicker and curlier eyelashes.
The 1:1 method consists in applying a false eyelash made of high-quality silk in combination with synthetic fiber to the natural eyelash (one to one) – as a result eyelashes look longer and thicker. Specialist medical glue with use of which lashes are stuck is safe, durable and elastic and thus does not affect the properties of natural eyelashes.
The procedure is completely painless, lasts for about two to three hours, depending on the effect that we would like to obtain.
In order to maintain suitable density of the eyelashes it is necessary to replenish them every three or four weeks on average.
After the procedure your eyelashes will be:
- longer,
- thicker,
- curlier,
- of increased volume,
- of more intense color,
- waterproof.



No more mascara, smudged eyes, smutches or lumps. From a natural to a spectacular effect. Durability until the end of the “life cycle” of the natural eyelash. 100% safe, pharmaceutically tested glue. Replenishment advised every three to four weeks.
How to prepare for an eyelash extension and thickening procedure?
- before the procedure one should not drink coffee or Red-bull-like drinks or take any stimulants (e.g. slimming drugs) – it causes eyelid shivering, which can significantly increase the time of the procedure;
- one should not use a mechanical eyelash curler, neither before nor after the procedure;
- one should not paint eyelashes nor cleanse them with use of greasy make-up removal milk;
- one may undergo a one to one lash extension procedure in case of using contact lenses, however, they should be taken off before the procedure.
What are the contraindications for the procedure?
- eye diseases (dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, cataract), including allergies and conjunctivitis;
- complete lack of eyelashes;
- hyperactivity and lack of patience (the procedure is conducted in a comfortable lying position; usually even the impatient ladies fall asleep);
- trichotillomania – compulsive eyelash pulling;
- a permanent on the eyelashes;
- chemotherapy (application of eyelashes is possible only after completion of the treatment);
What should I do to make my new eyelashes last for even eight weeks after the procedure?
It all depends on suitable care. If after the procedure of extension and thickening of eyelashes you comply with the recommendations below, your eyes will look great even for a long time!
- one should not wet the eyelashes for 24 hours – therefore, one cannot use the sauna, swimming pool as well as should avoid hot bath on the day of the procedure; it is good to take a shower before the procedure;
- one should not expose the eyelashes to heat (tanning salons, cosmetic procedures) for 24 hours; it can weaken the joints;
- if one decides to use mascara, it should be applied on the tips and it should be one on the basis of water so that it can be removed with water – waterproof mascaras are not recommended;
- one should avoid make-up removals on the basis of glycols, urea, carbonates, proteins or acids (including dual-phase lotions);
- one should not use classic cotton pads – they leave fibers on the eyelashes – but try cotton-tipped swabs for removing lines or shadows – it works really well;
- one should not rub the eyes!
- the eyelashes should be replenished every three to five weeks.
Is eyelash extension safe?
Application conducted with use of Secret Lashes products by a qualified person is completely safe. The life of one eyelash lasts for about 2.5 months and a new one grows on its place. Therefore, human eyelashes revive on a regular basis. Moreover, Secret Lashes means the highest quality eyelashes and glues that ensure an effect without any consequences. Secret Lashes application is painless and does not affect the condition of eyelids and eyelashes.
How to take care of false eyelashes?
Wearing false eyelashes does not mean changing one’s lifestyle. They are resistant to water, sweat, tears and heat. Thus you can swim, bathe, exercise, tan and cry with them.
How long can one wear false eyelashes?
The eyelashes can be worn long-term. Natural eyelashes grow, fall out and are replaced with new ones every 60 or 90 days.
False eyelashes should be replenished every two to three weeks.
At Medical Margaret Spa there is a possibility of combining the procedure of eyelash extension with permanent make-up – Conture Make-Up for maintaining the best effect of eye stylization.


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